What are building defects?


During the building process there are many different tradesmen completing numerous jobs on your new home, in particular towards the end of the project. So, even the most quality focused builder is going to have some building defects when handing over a new home.

A defect can be defined as a defect in the design, workmanship and/or the materials used in the project. Having a licensed builder complete a practical completion quality inspection on your property before settlement allows for any finishing defects to be rectified before you move in.

Our inspections are completed on both the interior and exterior of the property. We provide you and your builder with a comprehensive report so they have the opportunity to rectify any finishing defects prior to your settlement, giving you peace of mind.

Your report will also provide you with a documented history, this is especially valuable if your new build is an investment property.

Identification of defects by iBuild Consultants is conducted in accordance with the QBCC Standards and Tolerances Guide 2019 - https://www.qbcc.qld.gov.au/sites/default/files/Standards_and_Tolerances_Guide_0.pdf

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Every inspection is completed by a builder

Electrical defect

Painting to tile edge

Paint on door furniture

Painting to plasterwork

Patch & paint to stair balustrade

Cutting in defect

Excess mortar/efflorescence on brickwork

Electrical & painting defects

Defective ceiling fan

Paint on striker plates

Paint defects

Excess grout to splashback tile

Down pipe not connected

Excess render on garage door rebate

Fence paling broken

Painting to rendered wall not finalised

Checking for leaks

Screw cap missing